Project Management and Consultancy

We give full service of project management to our customers using globally accepted PMI methods. Well proven reliable systems ensure effective project management to meet customer’s objectives, including:

  • Preparation and fine tuning of master project program
  • Critical path analysis and reviews
  • Project steps and execution of the agreed plan
  • Detailed cost and contract control
  • Site infrastructure and utility services
  • Construction monitoring
  • Process and performance reviews
  • Scheduling of hot and cold commissioning
  • Maintenance, planning and management

Conceptual Planning and Feasibility Study

The most prominent performance indicators in today’s business life are high efficiency, sustainability and profitability. Arkom provides objective analysis, technology, construction and commissioning to minimize risks in relevant markets. Arkom aims to secure maximum flexibility to cover for future changes in energy and material costs and product specifications. Therefore, Arkom performs in dept analysis for;

  • Market feasibility and bankable studies
  • Business and master plans and due diligence
  • Definitive cost estimates and budgets

Planning and Design

Arkom mutually agrees with the customer on the process type and technology optimized manufacturing capacities, operational costs and layout of the manufacturing zone. These steps include;

  • Technical, operational and construction due diligence
  • Process technology, design and plant layout
  • Process P&ID

Detail Engineering and R&D

Arkom provides a structured approach to multi-discipline design. The scope of this work typically includes;

  • Basic and detailed plant design and specification
  • Mechanical, electrical and process control engineering
  • Civil and structural design
  • Energy and utilities systems engineering
  • Preparation of engineering standards
  • Design reviews
  • Environmental engineering
  • Coordination of design, manufacturing and supplying
  • Recipe research
  • Product development
  • Packaging design and marketing activities

Procurement Process

Procurement process is a critical step of all projects and it must be handled with the outmost expertise, attention and care to avoid possible risks. The approach to procurement and the contract matrix must be defined at the outset. Arkom has extensive experience in providing.

  • Contract strategy and planning
  • Enquiry and contract documentation
  • Whole life tender evaluation
  • Assistance with contract negotiation
  • Inspections and expediting
  • Quality assurance planning and management
  • Vendor appraisal and surveillance
  • Quality audits and inspections
  • Construction and test supervision
  • Enforcement of contract guarantees

Installation & Commissioning

After Sale Service

Arkom acts as a communication office between the solution partners and customers for spare parts and service engineers.

Besides, Arkom provides support for maintenance planning and execution as well as spare parts and service for the in house manufactured parts.

Service Algorithm

  • Upon request from the customer, Arkom provides an independent expert report in order to achieve a neutral assessment regarding customer needs.
  • After agreeing to carry out defined services, Arkom often sets up a joint project team together with the customer, and takes the responsibility to realize that the set goals are achieved according to mutually agreed plan.
  • Arkom appoints full or part time technical specialists and project leaders for the customer during the project span. Most of the time, consultants carry out specific assignments within customer’s premises.
  • Agreed project, service and/or products are delivered to the customers on time.
  • Supervising, follow-up and necessary training are provided to customers either periodically or on demand basis.